What’s bloggin’ in Sweden, Ladyfest Malmö? (part 2/4)

We’ve been asking folks where they find their new music inspiration online, so we thought we’d create a mini-blog series to share their Swedish blog tips with you! (Did you miss the first post, featuring Martin Thörnkvist? Check it out.)

Ladyfest Malmö holds the mic


Next up in our “What’s bloggin’ in Sweden?”-series is Ladyfest Malmö – a feminist cultural association that promotes gender equality within music, culture and the arts. Ladyfest is a global movement, with groups of activists in cities around the world, working to ensure that women get as much representation as men in the local and global cultural landscape. Follow these ladies on Facebook and Instagram

Emelie Veide of Ladyfest Malmö shares her destinations for her online new Swedish music shot (originally written in Swedish):

  • GRRLS EXCLUSIVE (Secret Facebook Group)

A females-only group on Facebook, with a load of fantastic grrls from all over Sweden, who provide insights on new music and concerts with and by girls. It’s a great space for discussion and pep! However, it is a secret group, which means that you must be invited by a member to become a part of the group. Further, you also must identify yourself as a woman. So, yeah, perhaps this wasn’t a great tip, but we love this group. Perhaps it will inspire you to start your own instead? DIY is best.

A classic blog for the latest music insight. It has a large focus on Swedish music (but not exclusively Swedish music). They update several times a day. Love it!

They include concrete lists of female musicians/bands/artists. This link is specifically for Skåne! There are lists for other parts of Sweden too, search “musik” on their site and look around.

On IMPRA there is, among other things, a list of Swedish female musicians. IMPRA also arranges live music events, which is a good opportunity to find new bands. Focus: Jazz. Follow IMPRA on Facebook too.

Femtastic is a booking and production company, where you can find so many, freakin’ amazing artists. HURRAY for them! Check out their tab ARTISTER on their homepage and listen! Attend one of their clubs/live shows. You will not be disappointed. Enough said.

Search for a band or an artist and find similar bands and artists. Under the tag “Swedish” you’ll find exclusively Swedish music. Check it out and listen for days in this huge library of music. You can also create a profile to register what you’re listening to. In that way, you’ll get music tips related to your taste of music.  

We share a lot of fabulous, too-good-to-be-true music, not just Swedish music. Check out our tags “dagens låt” (today’s track) and “musik”. Do it. Just do it!

Many kisses!

Ladyfest Malmö via Emelie 

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