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Fans are Now Booking: Funked Up and Truman Legion at KICK-START

Fans are now in the process of booking Funked Up and Truman Legion at KICK-START at Babel, Malmö. 

Get your tickets and ensure that these amazing Swedish funk, soul and hip-hop bands get booked!

Funked Up

What’s there more to say than: “FREAKIN’ FUNKY!”? This band has been booked several times with Emues, check out their interview below.

Truman Legion

This Swedish hip-hop group is full of funk, soul and a whole lot of groove.

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Concert Confirmed: Black River Delta & Tim The Lion Tamer at KICK-START, Babel

Fans did it again! Black River Delta & Tim The Lion Tamer have been booked by fans for KICK-START at Babel, Malmö on Thursday, April 3rd.

This is what you’ve got to look forward to! SEE YOU ON THURSDAY!

P.S. Amazing bands Idle Hands & the Devil’s Playthings and Fallen Trees will also be playing live and Hey Elbow will be DJ:ing on Thursday!

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Fans are Now Booking: Tim The Lion Tamer + Black River Delta

Fans are now in the process of booking Tim The Lion Tamer and Black River Delta at KICK-START at Babel in Malmö, Sweden.

Get a ticket for yourself and a friend to be a part of booking  these amazing up & coming bands. When enough tickets are sold, the gig is on!

Tim the Lion Tamer

This amazing song-writer mesmerizes with his folk and indie-inpsired tunes. Tim the Lion Tamer‘s clear and deep voice resonates into the soul.

Black River Delta

Black River Delta is a blues rock band from Sweden, with an industrial and naked sound. This trio makes music that takes you back to the future.

KICK-START has several concert suggestions open to be booked by fans through Emues during the coming months. Check out the complete line-up and get your tickets to book the best, new, local bands around.

New Release: i$allabout EP by Jeff and ByAnyMeans

I didn’t have the chance to see Jeff battling with Ness Lee last year nor did I see his performance at last year’s Roskilde Festival. But when I first came across his new released EP, from early this month, i$allabout, in collaboration with By Any Means, I realized that I’ll be sure to catch him live this year.

Jeff is backed on this EP by Robert Athill and S.P.

If you’re in Sweden and anywhere nearby Jeff’s hometown, Kristianstad April 5th, check this out.


Slackin' Beats - Make Love


A couple of days ago we wrote about the upcoming Slackin’ Beats video and EP. Now it has arrived! The EP includes 4 instrumental hip hop-tracks and the track “Make Love” comes with a video. Check it out below!

We also had a little chat with the man behind Slackin’ Beats. He told us about his love for drums and artists that doesn’t give a damn. Read the full story below.

Who is Slackin’ Beats and when did he see the daylight?
Haha, where should i begin? Well, my ”real” name is Elvis Suljevic and musicwise i started off producing house music a few years ago under an alias called Elvix. I  have always been very open to all kinds of genres and after a while I felt that I needed a new creative challenge so I started this new project called Slackin’ Beats.
Slackin’ is a mix of Hip Hop, Jersey Club and R&B-ish beats. Almost anything that hits my mind could somehow fit in a Slackin’ Beat.

Can you explain your process when you’re making music?
First of all the software that i use is FL Studio. The process often starts off with me having a melody in my head. Then I try to transmit the melody from my head to my computer. And now is when the fun starts. By applying drums to the melody I basically am giving the beat it’s soul. The drums contributes to the feeling of the song more than you can imagine. I have also started to sample more lately. I sample all kind of stuff. It could be soul-acapellas or classical music, but I have a lot to learn when it comes to sampling.

What inspires you?
Mostly just music because it’s what I always have on my mind. I like when artists don’t give a damn about structures and rules and just do their own thing.

Do you have any particular artists that have influenced Slackin’ Beats?
The first one that crosses my mind is Kanye West because he has that mentality that I love. Musicly, producers like Cashmere Cat, Ta-Ku, Kaytranada and Hudson Mohawke are big inspirations. Just like Slackin’ Beats, their music is very influenced by HipHop and R&B, but they’re taking it to a whole other level. Take Ta-Ku for example. His beats encourages you to play around with samples, but still focus on the melody. That is the key to great music if you ask me.

Tell us about the Make Love EP?
Make Love EP is Slackin’ Beats first self-produced project. Earlier I have only made remixes. The EP includes four tracks that I would describe as soulful instrumental hip hop-beats. The tracks are kind of diverse and the feeling you get while listening to the beats will be very different, I think.

If you could suggest another act through, who would it be?
Shouts back to OUSLO with some epic minimalistic house!

Would you like to see and hear more of Slackin’ Beats or OUSLO? Suggest a gig with either of them through Emues.


Welcome Amel!

We are honoured to welcome Amel to the Emues Crew. As an Emues Activist, Amel will be involved in several exciting projects and collaborations. He will also be blogging right here on the Emues Blog! 

My name is Amel Suljevic and I am the latest addition to the Emues Crew, as an Emues Activist. I recently moved to Malmö, Sweden, where I now study Media and Communication at Malmö University.

I got in touch with Markus, the founder of Emues, almost immediately when I came to Malmö. Before we hooked up I had heard a lot of things about this new-thinking platform for booking concerts. I loved the idea from the very start because I have worked with booking concerts in my hometown Katrineholm and I am aware of all the problems and difficulties with that process.

Besides of my attempts of being a ”cultural concert-booking superhero” in a pretty boring home town, I consider myself to be a regular guy who loves great music and especially good live-music. I love going to different concerts, festivals and clubs to explore and experience new music.

I am really stoked to be working with Emues, to have the chance to contribute to the future live music industry and with a positive impact and change!

Not a big fan of playlists (can’t ever stick to them and keep on updating them) but I made one especially for this occasion with som ballin’ tracks!

Connect with Amel

Follow and connect with Amel on Twitter and Instagram!

Driftwood Company - Darlin Cory

New Release: “The Windwagon Soundtrack” by Driftwood Company

Today the documentary The Windwagon Project will premiere on Swedish television (Channel SVT2 at 8pm).  A crazy project run by some of the adventurous people who also stood behind the East Indiaman Götheborg. With the Windwagon they sailed through the Nevada Desert and arrived at the Burning Man Festival.  Read more about the Windwagon project here.

Yesterday the Swedish band Driftwood Company released their new album The Windwagon Soundtrack. In conjunction, they also released this beautiful trip back to the 1800′s.

If you like this, you might like to consider the following

1. Keep on listening to their album on Spotify
2. Suggest and book a concert with Driftwood Company on Emues
3. Follow them on Facebook

Continue reading

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Amazing New Music Video: Iida – “Hands”

The new video by Swedish artist Iida is a fabulous call for greater communication, and was premiered on today. Iida, who has shot up on the charts with her previous single Life Will Kill You, mixes folk, classical and pop music into sweet, sensual and incredibly strong tunes.

For this amazing video, featuring a dancer who is also one of my closest friends, Iida worked together with a deaf girl Amina. Through their cooperation they were able to communicate using their hands, showing that it may be easier than one believes to understand or to be understood.

Watch this fresh video by Iida, and let her know that we’d love to see her on Emues, so that we can suggest and book concerts to see her play live on a stage near us!

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Sunday Soundtrack: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a great movie, an amazing trip throughout imagination and the real world. It is beautifully filmed and filled with music for all the sences. The soundtrack includes several tracks from Swedish song-writer José Gonzales.

Enjoy these tracks as you dream away to or plan your life of adventure.  Take the leap.


And if you haven’t seen the movie, watch it! It is full of wit, humor and beauty.

Suggest any gig, when enough tickets are sold – The gig is on! We blog about music and tech.


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