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The success continues! A couple of weeks ago Poplöst and Jaguar Shows got booked by their fans in Malmö. Last night High Coast and Joe & The Anchor was successfully booked by their fans, for a lovely evening at Southern Sweden’s indie club, Kick-Start at Babel in Malmö.

You can still get your tickets for the show on October 30 – see you there!

Watch and listen to High Coast

Watch and listen to Joe & The Anchor

Jaguar Shoes and Poplöst


The success continues. Kick-Start, an amazing local club in Malmö, Sweden, is using to engage their audience and the artists’ fans to book successful gigs with upcoming promising bands.

Poplöst and Jaguar Shoes have been booked by their fans! Join us at Babel in Malmö on Thursday September 25th.

Check out this great promo video published by Poplöst.

Listen to Jaguar Shoes and Poplöst, and get ready for it!


Fans are now booking Joe & The Anchor together with High Coast. for club Kick-Start.  Show some love, get your ticket and make it happen!


Emues DJ Showcase 2

Emues DJ Showcase

Last fall Emues had a showcase at Mitt Möllan in Malmö, Sweden, where some of all great bands on Emues were showcased. Now it’s time for the DJ acts! Some of all the awesome DJ acts are going to perform a special set for this showcase.

Saturday July 26th Emues will be taking over Stora Galleriet inside Mitt Möllan. Great music from awesome DJ acts (with more acts to come), refreshing beer from Pripps and a chance to get to know more about Emues vision that will change the concert industry. Emues is additionally always interested in talented and stoked new additions to our team (read about me here on the blog ;)

See you at Mitt Möllan! And hey, don’t forget to attend the Facebook-event.





More acts to be announced…

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Albin Spotify Top List

Most played on Spotify in Sweden today – ‘Din Soldat’ by Albin ft. Kristin Amparo

Today Albin and Kristin Amparo hit the top with their track ‘Din Soldat’, being the most played song on Spotify in Sweden.

We love Albin and his new single ‘Din Soldat’, the looping beats and the up-lifting crystal clear lyrics, hit you straight in your midsummer heart. So we have put down the lyrics for this track on paper for you (In Swedish, feel free to Google Translate). Enjoy!

Lyrics for Din Soldat by Albin.

Låt mig vara din soldat. Låt mig vara din soldat. Har du också tänkt sista gången, och gjort samma misstag om igen sen. Har du också legat vaken flera nätter panik massa pressade tänder. Har du också  lovat dig själv att imorn tar jag tag i mig själv. Har du också provat deras norm, och sen insett att du inte är som dom. Har du också satt i en bil, bara kört till du inte har bensin. Har du också tänkt att om jag flyr, kommer allt bli bra inuti. Har du också fattat tillslut att den enda som kan rädda dig är du.Du behöver inte bära allt själv, för jag har känslan precis som du känt.

Jag har sett hur den där skiten alltid tär på dig, jag kommer kriga för din skull och finnas där för dig. När du stupar nästa gång så vill jag bära dig. Låt mig vara din soldat.

Har du också kört huvudet i väggen så hårt att det känns som du sprängt det. Har du också svurit att aldrig ge upp det du drömt om som framtid. Har du ocskå stått på ditt jobb, sen känt att du är värd med än så. Har du också stressat ihjäl dig för en lön som knappt ger dig själ nej. Jag har också tappat ibland och snabbt försökt komma ikapp. Jag har också set när du faller och försökt bygga nytt ifrån marken. Jag har också varit nära min gräns så jag fattar precis hur det känns. Men jag lovar att allt kommer vända om vi lovar att tro på oss själva.

För dom pekar, blinkar in oss vinkar hitåt, måste bli nåt, skapar normer, väcker sorger, skapar luftslott utav ångest, informerar, propagerar, ger oss manus för att leva, så vi blundar för det skeva, men om du frågar kan vi segra!

Albin is on Emues, sign in and book him for a concert

  1. Sign in to Emues
  2. Suggest a show with Albin, to be booked by you and an amazing crowd!


First Aid Kit

Watch First Aid Kit perform “Silver Lining” on Letterman

“I am moving to Stockholm, and I’d be happy to run your errands” – David Letterman.

As I am a big fan of this duo, I just wanted to share this video with you all.

Watch the amazing sisters in First Aid Kit perform “My Silver Lining” from their new album “Stay Gold” on the Late Letterman show.

Be sure to check out their new album below on Spotify.



The young  Swedish producer from the small town Katrineholm Slackin’ Beats keeps giving us fresh remixes. After giving us new takes on Swedish tracks such as Mack Beats – Lägg dig ner and Amsie Brown – Min kvinna he has now decided to take on a modern classic, as he drops a heavy remix of Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

Would you like to see and hear more of Slackin’ Beats? Suggest a show with him through Emues.

photo (3)

Fans are Now Booking: Funked Up and Truman Legion at KICK-START

Fans are now in the process of booking Funked Up and Truman Legion at KICK-START at Babel, Malmö. 

Get your tickets and ensure that these amazing Swedish funk, soul and hip-hop bands get booked!

Funked Up

What’s there more to say than: “FREAKIN’ FUNKY!”? This band has been booked several times with Emues, check out their interview below.

Truman Legion

This Swedish hip-hop group is full of funk, soul and a whole lot of groove.


Spotlight: Tim The Lion Tamer

Tomorrow, Thursday April 3rd, Tim the Lion Tamer is playing at Kick-start club at Babel Malmö together with Black River Delta.

Where and how did it all start for Tim the Lion Tamer?

I started playing and writing music when I was a kid, but the Tim the Lion Tamer project itself started about three years ago. I had written a few songs and was asked by a friend to perform at Mässingshornet in Kirseberg. So I did that and then it just went on from there.

“When I was in high school, I got an F in music.” – Tim the Lion Tamer

Tell us about your most recent concerts.

I haven’t been performing a lot lately. I think the last gig was like a year ago or something like that. But most of my gigs have been in and around Malmö – Stapelbädden, Mascot, Slottsträdgården, På Besök, Café Montag and so forth.

What’s your dream for the coming year?

I just attended a showing of my dream apartment, a five-room flat right on Fersens väg, so getting that certainly qualifies. Otherwise it would be to finally record that debut EP I’ve been blabbering on about for the last two years. I think I just need to get it out of my system.

How does it feel to get booked by your fans through Emues again?

I’m very satisfied and very humbled for sure. Performing at Kick-Start Babel is sort of like a milestone for me – so many great acts and artists have started out doing just that. I remember contacting Peter Briggs back in 2011 and basically begging for a gig, without any luck, but now I guess I’m ready for Babel. Or maybe Babel is finally ready for me.

Would you like to share some of the songs on the set list?

I usually make up my mind regarding the set list the same day as the actual gig takes place, but I’ll probably do a mixture of covers and self-penned stuff. Whistleblower, Ballad For Caroline, So Many Miles Ago and so on. I’ve been listening a lot to Bruce Springsteen and Simon & Garfunkel lately, so the chance of there being a few of their songs is fairly big.

You’re uploading amazing intro’s and covers to your Soundcloud, tell us more about your process when writing and recording new material.

Well, cheerio to you lad! My creativity behaves like a volcano, sort of; I mope around for weeks and sometimes months without writing a single sentence and then: Boom. Eruption. Lava everywhere.

The best songs are the ones that write themselves. And the less I think about what I’m writing, the more honest and true and poetic the writing becomes. You kinda make sense of it all afterwards. I envy people who are able to just sit down and write a song on a regular Tuesday.

Recording is a completely different thing, however. It is extremely time-consuming and you really have to put in the hours. I try to carve out an hour here and there after work and on weekends and stuff like that, but it’s still a very slow process. I’m very spontaneous when it comes to songwriting – but a bloody perfectionist when it comes to recording.

Where do you go for inspiration?

Hard to say really. I used to find inspiration in everything – I would sit on the bus and tap my fingers against my knees and come up with a melody in my head, but not anymore. It’s still there somewhere though, I just have a harder time channeling it now.

Are you working on any new material?

Right now I’m mostly trying to make sense out of old material actually. But since it’s new for everyone else: Yes, I am.

If you were to get booked together with another band or artist through Emues, with who would it be?

Do you think you can borrow that hologram projector they used at Coachella to revive Tupac Shakur? In that case my answer would be Hologram 2Pac. Otherwise, I would love to perform with my friends in Wittsell 3 and High Coast.

Three fun facts about Tim the Lion Tamer

  1. When I was in high school, I got an F in music.
  2. Before I came up with Tim the Lion Tamer, I was going to call my self Tim the Giant. I thought it was going to be ironic and funny but since I’m sort of a big guy, that didn’t play out ironically at all.
  3. Sometimes I listen to gangsta rap really loud. True story.

Get in touch with Tim the  Lion Tamer

EmuesSoundcloudFacebook, TumblrYoutube

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Concert Confirmed: Black River Delta & Tim The Lion Tamer at KICK-START, Babel

Fans did it again! Black River Delta & Tim The Lion Tamer have been booked by fans for KICK-START at Babel, Malmö on Thursday, April 3rd.

This is what you’ve got to look forward to! SEE YOU ON THURSDAY!

P.S. Amazing bands Idle Hands & the Devil’s Playthings and Fallen Trees will also be playing live and Hey Elbow will be DJ:ing on Thursday!

Suggest any gig, when enough tickets are sold – The gig is on! We blog about music and tech.


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